Dan Dailey


Client: Dan Dailey

We met artists Dan Dailey and Linda MacNeil at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston during the opening of the #techstyle exhibition. Dan told us he needed a two-minute film for an exhibition at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC and he was on a tight deadline. Dan and Linda's studios, in a huge converted New Hampshire barn, are every artist's dream. There was plenty to film when we arrived—many stunning finished pieces waiting to be shipped and lots of works in progress. It was nerve-wracking moving our heavy film gear through all that magnificent glass. We had to take it slow and easy. Dan is a hugely accomplished artist and passionate about his work. Trying to Introduce him and his career in a two minute film inspires us to want to do more. The Renwick Gallery's ongoing exhibition including Dan's work is titled Connections: New Permanent Collection Show. Visit Dan Dailey's website here