Trillium Studios Film has worked on a wide variety of projects – from 60-second spots to feature length documentaries.

Bring us a film at any stage and we will help you complete it.



We’ll work with you to determine your audience, your message, and how best to convey it to them. To do that we rely on intelligent planning, probing questions, and taking time to gain a deep understanding of your needs. These are essential elements for building an efficient schedule, a realistic budget, and a great film.
Pre-Production Services:

  • Identify your target audience and what you want to tell them

  • Develop your idea and storyline

  • Visualize and create a script of your idea

  • Find the best characters to tell your story

  • Research and develop questions for interviews

  • Conduct pre-interviews with characters

  • Develop a schedule for production and post-production

  • Scout locations and secure access

  • Evaluate existing archival photos, video, and sound

  • Finalize logistics before production begins

  • Help plan private/public fundraising for your project


Production is the most fun and also the most stressful part of a project. Our films have put us in the best and worst conditions all over the world. We have collaborated with small crews in sensitive situations and assembled large teams for complex productions on location and in studios.
Production Services:

  • Assemble the best crew for your level of production

  • Manage all aspects of logistics during production

  • Film interviews with characters

  • Direct actors and voice-actors

  • Record the best quality audio and video for your project

  • Create realistic and fantastic lighting

  • Generate timelapse, hyperlapse, and slow motion imagery

  • Create moving camera imagery with dollies, sliders, and jibs

  • Coordinate aerial drone cinematography

  • Create still photographic images for use in project materials

  • Secure legal releases from people, places, and institutions


A film takes shape in post-production. Trillium Studios Film works closely with you during editing to create a powerful film to ensure your message is clear and concise. After editing is finished, color grading, sound mixing, and title design are among the many services available to make your film look and sound amazing.
Post-Production Services:

  • Generate and edit transcripts of interviews

  • Edit footage into appropriate length films for different audiences

  • Create musical scores or license existing music

  • Design animated titles for the film and credits

  • Create motion graphics and animation

  • Generate subtitles in English and other languages

  • Correct and stylize your film’s color design

  • Design and mix your film’s sound and music

  • Create final versions of your project for the web and other digital mediums

  • Guide your film through broadcast or theatrical release steps, including creating closed captions, tapes, or digital cinema files.

  • Archive raw footage for future repurposing



Often, the creation of a film is just one step in the promotion of a larger project. Trillium Studios provides consulting and graphic design services including branding, websites, digital and paper mailings, social media, and advertising.