Trillium Studios


We are located in New England, in an area overflowing with first class educational institutions with great stories to tell. We work with many schools like Harvard University and MIT to create films that inspire their students and communities and educate the world about their programs.



Client: Harvard Business School Publishing

For the new version of Harvard MentorManager, an online business curriculum, the producers at HBSP wanted to create an innovative way to convey their lessons.  They approached us to produce a series of short films that would help their clients understand why each subject in their program was important. They were looking for a distinctive editorial style and wanted to get away from the traditional “talking heads” approach.

In this film Annie Perrin of The Energy Project teaches stress management in corporate environments and how she balances her work life with her love of dancing.    



Client: Arts at MIT

The Arts at MIT department wanted to raise awareness about the many art-related programs on campus. They asked for a different style of a film: a fast-paced hyperlapse animation. Like timelapse, hyperlapse requires making hundreds of photographs of a subject that can be animated into a highly compressed sense of time. Hyperlapse adds camera movement to the photography—a technically complex process, but with powerful effects.  We felt it was important to integrate stories into the animations and, despite their impossibly busy schedules, the MIT students were eager to cooperate!