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Producing films for non-profit organizations can be challenging because the people they help are often in difficult or sensitive situations and budgets are always tight. We are drawn to these projects because the people involved are passionate about their mission and want their stories heard. Our films have proven to be effective in raising awareness of their work, meeting their fundraising goals, and expanding the number of people they help.



Client: Helping Hands Monkey Helpers

From the moment Judy discovered she had progressive multiple sclerosis, life for her and her husband George began to change in ways they could have never predicted.  By the summer of 2011, Judy had lost her ability to walk and most of the movement in her upper body.  Helping Hands asked us to tell the story of how Sophie, a highly-trained service monkey, affected the lives of Judy and George.

Our two days filming with Judy, George, and Sophie were especially moving – a reflection of their love for Helping Hands. Judy & Sophie's Story has received considerable attention around the world and was reblogged on BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, PawNation, and many other sites



Client: Helping Hands Monkey Helpers

Travis is one of those guys who seems to missing the fear gene. He is that handsome daredevil doing back flips off the rope swing into the river, the guy on the soccer field who has all the moves, and the guy who took on one dare too many and fell from a building in New Orleans.  Our film introduces Travis and the helper monkey, Siggy, that changed both of their lives.

Travis and his sister Stacey were eager to share his story of injury and recovery.  TSF traveled to their home in California to film interviews and capture their life with Siggy.  Helping Hands premiered the film at their annual gala fundraiser.