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We love the editing process. It’s where a story emerges from the swirl of research, filming, and interviews and gets refined into an elegant, emotional, and captivating film.

TSF’s editorial clients look to us for expert assistance in fine-tuning the structure and pace of their projects.  We can jump into the editing process at any point—whether the film is still at the conceptual stage or in progress.  We have gone on location to advise directors about what coverage is needed and assembled raw footage in rough cut and completed edits.



Client: Ice Lens Pictures

“Who is the foreigner?” asks Toni Morrison in conversation with artists about race, identity, and art’s redemptive power. TSF began work on The Foreigner’s Home, which includes exclusive footage of Morrison, during post-production.  We assisted the producers in completing the edit and finishing the film for cinematic release, and helped create a trailer, titles and credits, supervising color grading and audio mix.  TSF also developed a website and marketing materials for the film’s release.

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Client: Geoff Pingree

In The Return of Elder Pingree, a lapsed Mormon retraces the steps he took twenty-five years ago in Guatemala as a devout missionary. Geoff Pingree returns to Guatemala and finds the people, who once trusted him with their faith, struggling to understand the country’s violent past and grappling with the dilemma of how to do good.

TSF worked with Ice Lens Pictures during the editing of this feature documentary to refine the overall concept and structure of the film, fine tune the editing and pacing, and provide supervision for the technical aspects of finishing the film.