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We are often asked by medical institutions to tell their stories and feature their doctors doing life-saving work. Patients are eager to share how innovative technologies and therapies have helped them.

Our documentary-style films allow audiences to better understand a particular illness and the decision-making that leads to successful treatment. Patient testimonials provide powerful human stories that demonstrate the remarkable work being done in the medical field and helps build trust in institutions that bring cutting edge research from bench to bedside.



Client: ORSIF

ORSIF promotes awareness of the dangers doctors and medical staff are exposed to when working under high radiation levels for long stretches of time. Our film Invisible Impact focused on the career of acclaimed heart surgeon Dr. Ted Diethrich and how his health was adversely affected by years spent in close proximity to x-ray scanners.

Because most people are surprised to learn of hazardous working conditions for doctors within hospitals, our concept was to introduce “Ted”, the patient, speaking with his doctor about his MRI scan and the status of his brain tumor.  Only later would the audience learn that this problem was one of the factors that forced Diethrich, the surgeon, into retirement.



Client: McLean Hospital

Sisters Abby and Mary talk about their experiences with depression, anxiety, and self-harm while attending high school. Abby and Mary received treatment from doctors and therapists at a program for teens at McLean Hospital in Massachusetts.

This is the sixth in a series of films TSF produced for McLean to raise awareness among donors and those struggling with mental illness about the efficacy and availability of specialized treatment programs.  We worked with a small crew to minimize our disruptive presence in the patients’ homes.