Trillium Studios


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We love making films with museums, artists, and arts organizations because of their strong desire for collaboration. From the start there is lots of enthusiasm, ideas, and a willingness to experiment with style and form.  We can often draw upon rich resources of visual and performing arts to test our imagination in telling stories or creating new experiences.



Client: Dan Dailey

Dan Dailey is a hugely accomplished artist and passionate about his work.  Dan asked TSF to make a two-minute, biographical film for an exhibition at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC...and he was on a tight deadline. Although it was nerve-wracking moving our heavy film gear through the magnificent glass works that fill his studio, we were able to get a glimpse of what inspires him.  Dan shared his many notebooks of ideas and talked about developing concepts from sketch to model to finished piece.




TRIIIBE, an artist collective, had created a portrait of identical triplets titled, “Fine”.  The single image evolved into a series of eight. In each photograph, new objects appeared and others disappeared while the triplets gradually disappeared into the background.  That idea turned into a book. The book inspired an animation.