Trillium Studios



We make elegantly executed films for commercial clients that cut through the thicket of media overload. Through documentary storytelling, personal testimonials, and innovative concepts, we can grab the attention of a target audience and quickly convey a message that will be shared often.



Client: Corindus Vascular Robotics

Dr. Vijay Iyer bends over patients every day while doing life-saving vascular surgery. The lead protective clothing he must wear has left him with a serious injury to the spine that required four back operations and threatened his career. Our film shows how a Corpath Vascular Robot can safely distance a doctor from x-ray radiation and minimize the need to wear lead.

Like Vijay and the hospital staff, we suited up in lead vests, aprons and collars to protect ourselves from radiation in the operating room. It didn't seem like much weight at first, but after 30 minutes we felt fatigue and pain in our backs, necks, and hips.  We were experiencing the heart of the story we were there to tell.



Client: Michel Bras' Knives

KAI, the Japanese knife maker, and French chef Michel Bras teamed up to get chefs and non-chefs (like us) to use their knives and create a simple video on Facebook. We worked with our favorite collaborator, sculptor Jason Loik, who bought artistic flair to the vegetable chopping and slicing that ensued. His exquisitely carved animals and plants appear in the final timelapse animation of the film.  After release, VEGGISCAPE went viral, reaching new customers for KAI in all parts of the world.



Client: Issey Miyake Design Studio

Fashion designer Issey Miyake asked us to create a photograph that would illustrate his concept of A-POC (A Piece of Cloth), an ingenious process by which the finished garment—in this case, a dress—is woven into the bolt of cloth.

Issey loved the photograph and asked if we would animate it.  We brought still images to life by taking advantage of the many pictures made to build the composite photograph.  The cut-out animation style, music, and sound was all designed to compliment the fun style of A-POC.