Difficult Interactions - Featuring Judy Ringer


Client: Harvard Business School Publishing

The experienced production team at Harvard Business School Publishing makes hundreds of films for Harvard ManageMentor, a highly successful online training series used by businesses around the word. Many of their films are interviews with Harvard professors and well-known business experts.

For the upcoming version of Harvard MentorManager, the producers were tasked with creating something new.  Melissa Dailey (New Media Manager) approached us to create a series of short films that would help their clients understand why each subject in their program was important. They were looking for an editorial style and trying to get away from relying on “talking heads.”

Melissa and her producers selected the subject of each film and a prominent business professional to relate their personal experience with that topic.  Before we began shooting, we recorded each interview radio-style and finished an edit of the soundtrack without picture. Once approved, the soundtrack became the basis for developing the visual shot list and schedule. 

Judy Ringer’s company, Power and Presence Training is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Judy teaches people in business how they can keep their balance during difficult interactions using Aikido (a martial art) as a metaphor.