Wayne's Story


Client: McLean Hospital

When Erin Collins-Moore called from McLean Hospital, a prestigious psychiatric hospital in the Boston area, and asked us to make films for their annual Gala, we were excited and concerned. This seemed like a rare opportunity to make films on sensitive subjects with both patient and hospital collaboration. Our worry was, could we make honest films and protect patient privacy?

The answers came from the subjects themselves.  We've now had the opportunity to work with several different patients from McLean and each has been eager to share their story for the sake of others who might also benefit from help and treatment. 

Wayne received treatment for severe alcohol addiction, a problem that troubled him in early life but was made more severe by the working hours at his job as a corrections officer.  Along with his therapy at McLean in the LEADER program, Wayne took his training in martial arts and exercise and applied it to recovering from his addiction, throwing himself fully into pulling his life and his health back together.